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Evaccess received a great deal of interest at the recent Facilities Show in London. Its range of practical solutions for reducing injuries caused by carrying out manual handling tasks without the correct equipment or training proved highly popular.


Each year unnecessary injuries cost businesses a phenomenal amount of money and lost hours worldwide: needless to say, a substantial saving could easily be made by using the right tools.

There are portable products available which are primarily powered and, therefore, can travel both up and down stairs. Such equipment reduces the need for manual handling, simply by not asking humans to carry other people or heavy goods.  

The company’s ethos is ‘All solutions for People and Goods’. Three of its products gained a heightened level of interest at the Facilities Show: two models of Powered Stair Climber, the TRE 52 and TRE 70, and the CargoMaster Powered Stair Climber. All of which have been proven to reduce injuries.

What are Powered Stair Climbers?

Powered Stair Climbers are self-propelled units, fitted with heavy duty rubber tracks, which climb and descend stairs at the touch of a button. They are used to transport people or goods up and down stairways. From people in wheelchairs to household appliances, furniture and other heavy items. Their purpose is to make handling heavy loads easier to manage. Of course, they come with safety features to boot.

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