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How would it make employees feel if their bosses failed to adhere to employment law and never offered any annual leave?

Jamie-Ramage is corporate manager at Smart Employee Eyecare

How would it make employees feel if their managers failed to adhere to employment law and never offered any annual leave?

The likelihood is that they wouldn’t stand for it. It would leave employees feeling tired, under-appreciated, and demotivated. Most likely, they would start to look for a new job. There is also the cost for failing to comply with employment law.

Although it should be easy to spot when these employment regulations are amiss, many organisations fall short on the other employee rights that workers are entitled to – which in turn can lead to hefty fines.

One such right is eye care for display screen equipment (DSE) users. Failure to comply with DSE regulations is a breach in employment law that could result in a fine.

Typical symptoms of DSE-related problems include tired and dry eyes, blurred vision, temporary short-sightedness and sore heads. Since 1992, all employers must by law provide an eye test for a DSE user if they request one and, where an eye test shows that an employee needs special glasses prescribed for the distance the screen is viewed at, these should also be paid for by the company.

The benefits to organisations adhering to these regulations include improved eyesight, comfort and productivity of employees.

A recent article predicted a shift towards future employee benefits schemes focusing more and more on maintaining health and wellbeing, rather than just those who are ill. Although managers may understand that eye care can assess the optical health of their employees, few are aware of the wider health issues that can be picked up.  

Smart Employee Eyecare

Many conditions can be detected early and non-invasively. These include potentially serious illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Being able to spot these changes early on and provide the correct treatment can actively reduce absence at work.

Health and wellbeing benefit packages such as corporate eyecare can help an organisation stand out. Many job seekers now look for attractive perks above salary when looking for a role.

Similarly, employers that offer and promote these types of benefits can boost morale and improve company culture while also benefiting from a more productive workforce. The survey found that 84% of workers reported that providing corporate eyecare services can improve productivity.

By instigating cost effective eye care for all, employers will save themselves money in the long term, while also helping to ensure the welfare of their employees.

Jamie Ramage is corporate manager at Smart Employee Eyecare

Smart Employee Eyecare, part of the Duncan & Todd Group, offers an easy-to-use voucher system, accessed through an online portal, to help companies meet their obligations under the DSE regulations. As a registered member of the portal, employers can buy vouchers or safety credits to build tailored employee benefits packages meeting their employees’ specific requirements.

Jamie will be at Smart Employee Eyecare’s stand at  Health and Wellbeing & Work at Birmingham NEC, 5 – 6 March 2019. 

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