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Advocating for your total worker health programme in 2018

Cority and Verdantix to discuss the state of Total Worker Health in the EU in upcoming webinar and provide practical advice for launching a successful programme in 2018 


Total Worker Health programmes are becoming increasingly popular among forward-thinking organizations across Europe and for good reason: it’s no longer enough to just protect our employees from hazards, we as HSE professionals also need to improve their overall health and well-being in the work environments we create.

While this may seem straightforward, many Total Worker Health initiatives don’t always go as planned, for two key reasons:

Lack of Buy-In

Often, leadership teams don’t recognize the value that initiatives like Total Worker Health programmes can bring to the organization. Reduced workplace risk and healthier, happier employees directly translates into operational improvements and ultimately, higher growth and profitability. The challenge is that without securing leadership buy-in and commitment, your Total Worker Health programme will struggle to have an impact on the rest of the organization.

Failure to Integrate

For Total Worker Health programmes to truly thrive and advance worker well-being, your health and safety policies and procedures need to be fully integrated into your overarching workplace wellness programmes. An example of this could be integrating your occupational health and HR data systems to enable easier measurement and tracking towards quarterly HSE goals.

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To learn how to overcome these common Total Worker Health challenges, join Pamala Bobbitt, Director of Product Marketing and Channels at Cority, and Trevor Bronson, HSE Industry Analyst at Verdantix, for a webinar on Advocating for Total Worker Health on December 7, 2017.

Attendees will learn:

  • New and emerging trends in Total Worker Health
  • How to get buy-in across your organization to launch an integrated Total Worker Health programme 
  • Practical tips for running a Total Worker Health programme that drives positive outcomes 
  • How to leverage technology to manage and measure Total Worker Health

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