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A question of leadership in process safety

Why do bad things happen to good companies? Why are we constantly surprised to hear that organisations that we regarded as having a good safety performance have experienced a catastrophic incident, accident or event?

Like you, these companies had certified health, safety and environmental management systems. Like you, these companies had an enterprise-wide risk management process.  Like, you, these companies monitored data and reported on a suite of KPI’s. And, like you, these companies invested heavily in behaviour-based safety programmes. So what went wrong?
It’s a question of leadership.
For well over a decade, investigation and inquiry panels have consistently identified leadership failings as the root cause of major (and near-major) incidents. Specifically, they point towards the failure of leaders to understand what is happening in the workplace.
Safety, they say, ultimately comes down to a leader’s ability to ask questions.
Putting in systems, setting targets and commissioning audits are relatively straightforward transactions that can be executed remotely. But asking (and receiving) probing, thought-provoking and challenging questions, needs to be done up-close and personal, from the boardroom down to the operational front-line. 
And there’s the challenge: as a senior leader, how can you ensure that, in amongst the myriad demands on your time, you are consistently and effectively asking, and being asked, the right questions, and that these questions are enabling and encouraging others to do the same?
Workshop Outline:
This one-day workshop will help senior leaders and managers to understand their role in creating an environment where colleagues openly and consistently ask each other the challenging questions that underpin sustainably good health and safety performance.
To allow open and honest dialogue, this workshop will have limited spaces and will be held under Chatham House Rule.   
Delegates will be introduced to the four leadership questions that drive:
  • Wilful compliance
  • Organisational mindfulness
  • Empowered leadership
  • Colleague engagement  
Which together form the four pillars of robust and sustainable safety performance in high hazard businesses.
Who should attend:
Senior decision makers, directors, senior managers, department heads, those who have a responsibility for process safety management.
Please note that all our courses are also available in-house – email for more information.  


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